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Black Radiator Covers

Introduction to Black Radiator Covers

In this day and age, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of their homes being stylish and well arranged. Therefore, accessories like modern radiator covers are becoming increasingly popular all over the UK.  


Besides looking good, radiator covers also have many different benefits related to safety, cost, energy efficiency and practicality. However, not all homes are the same, and not all people have the same taste when it comes to the style, shape and colour of radiator covers.

Radiator covers

This is why there are so many different radiator covers available today on the market. One of the types of radiator covers that are very popular is black radiator covers. The reason for this is the fact that black radiator covers are modern, great looking and it is a well known fact that black is a colour that not only represents elegance and style, but it is also a colour that is easy to incorporate into any home because black goes with everything and anything.

Black Radiator Covers – Where to Buy Them in the UK?

Owing to the fact that black radiator covers are very popular and practical, most of the companies that provide people with radiator covers in the UK will offer them. However, if it happens that they do not offer black radiator covers, there is always the option of bespoke radiator covers, meaning that people have a chance to order a radiator cover of any style, size, shape or colour they might desire.

Here is a list of companies located in the UK that offer black radiator covers:

  • Amber Radiator Covers – the company is a family run business situated in Yorkshire, and they offer a wide selection of radiator covers of many shapes, colours and sizes. When it comes to black radiator covers, they offer a Classic Radiator Cover Untreated MDF, which means that people can paint it whatever colour they want, including black. There are three sizes of this radiator cover – mini, small and medium. The dimensions of the medium are 1198mm x 900mm x 200mm and the price is £47.95 plus an extra £12.50 for the delivery.

  • Brass Grilles UK – this company offer an array of choices when it comes to radiator covers. The web site will provide people with all the information they might need on radiator covers and will guarantee a high level of service and of quality of the products they sell. For instance, a Classic Adjustable Medium Radiator Cabinet, Natural MDF is a radiator cover that can be painted by people any colour they choose. Its dimensions are 1425mm x 918mm x 220mm and it will cost you £63.55 for the cover and another £8.50 for delivery.


All in all, it can be said that there is an almost unlimited number of choices when it comes to black radiator covers, and that people who decide to buy one will have no problems finding the one they really like.