Radiator Covers

Contemporary Radiator Covers

Introduction to Contemporary Radiator Covers

People invest a lot of time and money to make their homes look beautiful. It is only natural for them to get interior designing done so that they get maximum comfort inside their homes. 


But it has been seen that little planning is done for radiators, which are an important and integral part of the interiors. If everything else has been meticulously planned, why leave out radiators which perform an important function of keeping the interiors warm? It is often seen that radiators, as they grow a bit old start giving an overall bad impression in otherwise beautiful interiors. 

But there is no need to worry as these days there is an excellent way to disguise your old radiators. There are some very beautiful radiator covers available on the market in the form of cabinets and screens that provide a stunning new look to your radiators without compromising on the heat efficiency.

Why Radiator Covers?

Even if you feel that your radiator is disturbing the elegant and stylish look of your interiors which you have so painstakingly created, you cannot wish away the radiator. It is unavoidable because of the warmth it provides and the way it makes the environment cosy. What you can do instead is to turn the same old radiator into a very attractive feature in the interiors by getting fitted contemporary radiator covers over your old radiators.

Radiator covers

Contemporary Designs for Radiator Covers

To be honest, there is very little scope for experimentation when it comes to designing of radiator covers as they are required to fit on the radiator only. Besides they need to be made keeping in mind the requirements of increasing the heat efficiency of the radiator. However, innovations in this field have led to different shapes and designs being introduced onto the market to suit both traditional as well as modern interiors. With a wide range of radiator covers available on the market, it is easy to choose one that matches the ambience of the interiors and compliments it perfectly. 

Remaining within the measurements of a radiator, you can find variations in straight or rounded corners, different types of grills and different finishes in paint and wood. Contemporary radiator covers are even available in bright colours to give a bold and dramatic look in otherwise staid and sombre interiors.

Installation of Radiator Covers

Though there are many DIY versions of radiator covers available in the market, you may find it difficult to install them perfectly to cover your entire radiator. These pre-built radiator covers come flat packed which you need to assemble and then install over your radiator in an efficient manner so that it is entirely covered and the heat efficiency is not compromised in any way. Often it is a cumbersome task better handled by professionals. It is therefore prudent and cost effective to hire the services of experts to install radiator covers.

You can ask for free quotes from many sites that deal in radiator covers and they will send craftsmen to take the size of radiators in your home. They build covers as per your specifications and also install them in a very efficient manner.