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Flat Pack Radiator Cover

Introduction to Flat Pack Radiator Covers

Flat pack furniture, also known as ready-to-assemble furniture is used to describe household units fabricated in flat parts that ensure quick and easy assembling.


The main advantage of this type of furniture is that is packed flat, being very space efficient and allowing the manufacturer to lower the shipping and storage costs- an advantage which results in more affordable prices for the average consumer.

Flat pack household items, which include radiator covers, have become a ubiquitous offer on the market, being increasingly preferred especially by those homeowners that live in smaller houses requiring furniture items which are not overly massive, since the latter occupy quite a large amount of space.

Radiator covers

The Advantages of Flat Packed Radiator Covers

When it comes to flat pack radiator covers, manufacturers design and fabricate these pieces in such a way that their installation demands little or no effort at all. Such minimal work is usually associated with flat pack furniture, however other items belonging to this category may be more difficult to assemble as they usually come with vague illustrations and instructions which rather confuse consumers, forcing them to install the units on their own.

Flat pack radiator covers are available in various materials, from high quality to cheaper materials, catering for customer’s demand of decent looking, low-cost furnishing. More expensive flat pack radiator covers use strong, quality wood as opposed to less pretentious covers whose fabrication involves the use of veneers, plastic fittings and particleboard that lowers their price, making them easier to get damaged or worn out during the course of time.

Some flat pack radiators may allow consumers to assemble and disassemble the piece any time they want, while other units, once installed, are really difficult, if not impossible, to be taken apart again for future installation. Hence, frequent movers should bear this in mind when purchasing flat pack radiator covers. Radiator covers have many acknowledged benefits, including the fact that they’re more energy effective, improving the direction of the heat flow to warm up the entire room, providing excellent protection against fire or injury hazards and facilitating the regular maintenance of the radiator encased inside it.

Flat pack radiator covers are available in various sizes and styles, being not only attractive and affordable, but also easy to install by even the most unskilled customer. The front panel of the radiator cover is pre-assembled, requiring the homeowner to simply attach the side panels and top shelf without needing complicated tools, just the basics of any household. Flat pack radiator covers can be easily fitted in most areas of the house, from up against walls to corners or underneath windows.

The Issue of Thermostatic Valves

Having thermostatic valves should not prevent customers from ordering flat pack radiator covers because these items can be constructed to leave it outside or incorporate the valve as well. Truth is that thermostatic valve manufacturers stress the importance of leaving the valves outside the cabinets, yet some situations make it physically impossible.