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Glass Radiator Covers

Introduction to Glass Radiator Covers

Radiator covers are used all over the world and the UK because of their many benefits; and there are many different styles, sizes and shapes of radiator covers.


One of the most popular types of radiator covers are glass radiator covers. Their look and their modern design have made glass radiator covers very popular with club, business and restaurant owners.

Radiator covers

Glass Radiator Covers – Advantages and Disadvantages

When talking about glass radiator covers, it can be said that they have almost the same advantages as any other radiator covers. They are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and stylish, maybe even more than wooden radiator covers, for instance. Also, they act as a protective shield between the radiator and the surroundings, meaning that they ensure the safety of children and pets. They also make sure that no dust reaches the radiator itself, because radiators are very hard to clean, unlike the smooth surfaces of glass radiator covers.

However, there is one clear disadvantage of glass radiator covers. This is the fact that these radiator covers do not act as storage places because they cannot be fitted with drawers. Glass radiator covers are rather used for adding style to the room, rather than some extra room to store books or other objects.

Companies in the UK That Offer Glass Radiator Covers

Here is a list of companies in the UK that provide people with glass radiator covers of different designs, sizes and colours:

  • Designer Radiator Cases – the company is situated in Essex and they offer a wide range of glass radiator covers in different colours and sizes, with free delivery all over the UK. When it comes to prices, they depend on the size of the covers, meaning the width, the height and the depth. For example, a glass radiator cover with the dimensions of 65cm x 84cm x 15cm will cost you £139 in any of the three standard colours – red, black or white. All of the covers include real oak sides.

  • Fireplace World – a company in West Yorkshire that offers glass radiator covers among many other products related to gas and electric heating. They offer delivery service throughout the UK. For an example of prices, a Vitreo Black Glass Medium Radiator Cover with the dimensions of 120cm x 64cm x 35cm and without any sides or a top will cost you £68.62, including the delivery which is guaranteed to be the next day.

  • Brass Grilles UK – a web site that offers a lot of different options for online purchases of radiator covers, including glass radiator covers. For an example of prices, the Soho Glass Fronted Radiator Cabinet with the dimensions of 96cm x 77cm x 11cm in white with maple sides will cost you £120.75, with the extra delivery cost of £8.50. The price includes the radiator cover flat packed with instructions and fittings supplied for self assembly.

As it can be seen, the prices can be significantly different from company to company, so it is advised to do some research before buying a glass radiator cover.