Radiator Covers

Large Radiator Covers

Introduction to Large Radiator Covers

Whether you like them or not, radiators are a necessity in a country like the UK where the weather can be biting cold for a large part of the year. They help in keeping the interiors warm when the weather is inclement which is why an overwhelming majority of homes have radiators fitted.  


But in due course of time, these radiators start looking unattractive and actually interfere with the nice and elegant interiors that you so meticulously maintain. It is in circumstances like these that you need to make use of radiator covers that not only make the radiators look more stylish and contemporary, they actually enhance the heating efficiency of your radiator, having been designed in a more scientific manner.

Homes using steam for heating the interiors could benefit by employing large radiator covers as pipes carrying steam start looking unattractive after some time making them look ungainly in the interiors. In addition to aesthetic appeal, these large radiator covers also increase the heat efficiency of steam radiators. 

Qualities of a Good Radiator Cover

Looks can be misleading and you should not judge a radiator cover on the basis of its looks. Of course looks are important for imparting a better ambience but it is the functionality of a radiator cover that matters most. The radiator cover should be large enough to cover the radiator completely and also not touch it from any side. There should not be big holes or gaps in the body of the cover to allow any child to poke his fingers inside the cover. Another requirement is to have a reflective back so that the heat emanating from the radiator does not get absorbed by the walls and is all thrown out.

Radiator covers

Rationale Behind Radiator Covers

The single most important reason for using a radiator cover is safety. Radiators using steam to make interiors warm become very hot and can be quite hazardous for pets and small children who might be tempted to accidentally touch them. This could result in burns to them. In case there is any malfunctioning and any pipe bursts leaking hot steam, the cover, if installed will take all the steam and prevent any injury to family members. Large radiator covers also protect the drapery and the walls of the room which leads to longevity of fabrics and paint on the walls.

Radiator covers that are scientifically designed lead to more even heating of the room. The top prevents heat from going to the ceiling and the back of the cover prevents heat from getting absorbed by the walls which means that all the heat produced by the radiator is thrown directly at the living area. Using large radiator covers saves on electricity also as because of even heating, the room temperature goes up quickly thus saving on electricity. Recent studies have proved that large radiator covers can add to the room temperature by almost 4 degrees. Though it is not proper to keep a TV on top of large radiator covers, you can always keep smaller items on the top of the cover using it as a decorative shelf.