Radiator Covers

Made to Measure Radiator Covers

Introduction to Made to Measure Radiator Covers

Radiator covers have become commonplace these days because of their attractive looks and the way they transform the looks of any interiors they are installed in. You can find these covers in all hardware stores and departmental stores.  


They are not only trendy but also help in increasing the heating efficiency of your old radiator. Because of the enhanced looks of the interiors, there has been a tremendous increase in the popularity of radiator covers all across UK. Today they are being mass produced to cater to the growing demands of people all over the country with dozens of companies producing them.

Radiators, when they become old, start to present an ungainly sight which looks out of place in the interiors and you wish you could do away with them. But because of their important function, you know that they are an absolute necessity because of cold weather in the country. By using radiator covers, you can make them look stunning and in fact a stand out feature in your interiors.

Radiator covers

Choices Available

DIY: Because of the standard sizes of radiators, companies making radiator covers have also introduced DIY versions of radiators that can save a lot of your money.  You can buy these DIY versions depending upon the size of your radiator. All you need is to assemble the different parts and then cover the radiator with these covers so that they do not look odd and the radiator is completely covered. But some people find it hard to assemble and install these DIY radiator covers, and also some of these do not fit into your radiator size perfectly.

Readymade radiator cabinets: Depending upon the size of your radiator, you can get a perfect match in local hardware stores or on websites that are selling radiator covers online.

Made to measure: This is perhaps the best option. You ask for quotes from many reputable companies that manufacture radiator covers. They send craftsmen to take measurements of your radiator and then make a perfectly matching cabinet as per your liking, in the shape and design you select from their catalogue. Fitters from the company arrive and install the cabinet to your satisfaction without any glitches. Of course this is also a little expensive procedure but you will find that in the long run you have actually saved money as because of proper fit and better heat efficiency, your radiator cover lasts longer and also results in electricity saving.

Style or Better Efficiency

Radiators work on the principle of convection where the heat current moves upwards. By the time the current reaches the ceiling, it becomes cool and then sinks down, thus contradicting the claim of the manufacturer that radiators give a uniform heating effect. This means that there is a considerable difference of temperature between the floor and the ceiling of the room and it takes a very long time for the radiator to heat the room uniformly. Made to measure radiator covers actually enhance the heat efficiency of radiators as they cover it perfectly and their grill system is scientifically made to perform heating in a far better manner.