Radiator Covers

Metal Radiator Covers

Introduction to Metal Radiator Covers

Radiator covers have become very popular in recent years in the UK and it is easy to see why. Radiator covers not only make the interiors more appealing, but also result in better heat efficiency making a room warm up much more quickly.  


Today there are many types of radiator covers available on the market made from different materials such as cast iron; wood, or even PVC. Metal radiator covers are the most popular because of their greater efficiency. They keep a room warmer for longer periods of time which improves their cost efficiency.

A big monster it may be, but your radiator is a necessity you cannot wish away as it provides warmth in chilly, windy conditions that prevail outside in the UK for most months of the year. Metal radiator covers are the most convenient and elegant method of hiding radiators, thereby adding to the appeal of the room and also increasing the heat efficiency of the radiator.

Advantages of using Metal Radiator Covers

  • It is a known fact that radiators eat up a lot of space, and they also do not present a very elegant look wherever they are placed. By covering them with metal radiator covers, you can not only hide them, you can actually add more space to your room as you can use the top of these metal radiator covers as a shelf for keeping decorative items.

  • Metal radiators covers heat up quickly in comparison to wooden radiator covers, and thus help to keep the room warm for a very long time.

  • Metal radiator covers serve the purpose of protecting radiator pipes from accidentally getting hit and thus bursting. They also protect pets and small children from getting injured from very hot radiator pipes.

  • People often feel ashamed of the appearance of old radiators and dearly wish to hide them. They look ungainly when old and make the interiors awkward with their appearance. But when they are completely covered by a beautiful metal radiator cover, worries about their appearance are all gone.

  • Even in metal radiator covers, there are many choices available to people in terms of shapes and designs. You can also get custom made metal radiator covers that perfectly compliment the ambience of your interiors.

  • There some very attractive designs available on the market which when installed look like showpieces. Often, guests do not even realise that they are sitting in front of a radiator until you switch it on. You will get looks of admiration for your choice because of the added elegance of these metal radiator covers.

  • Are you fed up with your large radiator eating up invaluable space in the room? Metal radiator cabinets not only add to the beauty of décor, they actually create some space in the form of drawers that you can get made in the cabinet. You can also use the top of the cabinet as a shelf where you can keep figurines, mementos, books, memorabilia or picture frames.