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Radiator Cover Made to Measure

Introduction to Radiator Covers – Made to Measure

Radiators are necessary in the winter months especially since many countries have experienced some very cold winters in recent years.  


The radiator model is most likely to be chosen based on practical rationalities, like capacity, size, properties and, maybe, price – the aesthetics of the situation being one of the last criteria on the list. However if, after choosing the radiator, you realise that it does not suit your house – the solution is to purchase a cover that will. The best way to make sure it will is to order a custom, made to measure cover as opposed to buying it ready-made.

Made to Measure, Radiator Cover Suppliers:

  • Relics of Witney http://www.radcabinets.co.uk/ - Located in Oxon, the company creates covers based on three styles and nine grill designs. All orders are delivered within three weeks.

  • Coverscreen http://www.coverscreen.co.uk/ - Located in London, the company creates and distributes radiator covers (both ready-made and made-to-measure), decorative grilles, fireplaces and wooden vents. Their website presents a range of radiator cover styles, allowing you a small preview of possible results.

  • Amber Radiator Covers http://www.amberradiatorcovers.co.uk/ - Located in Yorkshire, the company creates made to measure flat packed radiator covers that can be distributed nationwide, but also has a range of ready-made options. For Yorkshire clients, the installation can also be covered.

  • Yorkshire Radiator Covers http://www.yorkshireradiatorcovers.co.uk/ - As the name says, this company is also located in the Yorkshire area. They specialise in radiator covers – both ready-made and made-to-measure. Their website presents client references.

  • Bespoke Furniture Company http://www.radiatingelegance.co.uk/ - Located in Warwickshire, they provide radiator covers and cabinets nationwide with personal service included. The products are all hand crafted and the order process includes a personal visit from a company representative in order to establish your exact needs.

Why Made to Measure?

Radiator covers

Nowadays we buy everything ready-made and the truth is that it is the simple option: you choose between the models, you buy one (or more, depending on needs), you take it home and install it. Having a made-to-measure model requires a lot more time – you need to establish the desired dimensions, then you need to decide upon a company to create the model, then you need to choose the basic model, then come up with your own requirements based on your needs and then you'll have to wait for it to be ready.

The process is definitely more complicated, but it's also bound to offer more satisfying results. First of all, not all houses are the same, so what suits most people may not suit you. You may not find the right size and if you do, it might not have the right colour to fit in with your house. Also, for made-to-measure options, the cover can be personalised in a manner so that a necessity like a radiator can actually be transformed in a decorative object. At the end of the process you'll find that all the invested time was worth the effort.