Radiator Covers

Radiator Cover

What is a Radiator Cover?

A radiator cover, as the name suggests, is a cabinet used for encasing radiators. These unattractive heating units are often too old and their exterior is too damaged to be freely displayed in a room, especially when homeowners value the pleasant aspect of their house.  


Some decide to replace radiators, but in case the unit is working excellently, changing it becomes too much of a nuisance, ending in additional expenses that you may not wish to have. With this in mind, most house owners choose a lesser expensive and problematic solution: building themselves or ordering a radiator cover to disguise the heating unit inside it, and make it almost impossible to recognise even by guests who frequently visit the house.

Radiator covers

The Advantages of Encasing your Radiator

A radiator cover, as mentioned above, can be either designed and constructed by the homeowner himself, or can be easily purchased from specialised stores or purchased online. In case none of the radiator covers featured on a website is your favourite, you can have it customised in any style, colour, size or shape you want, making sure the final product will match the décor of the rest of the house just perfectly.

The flawlessness of a radiator cover depends on the quality of the material, construction and the finish associated with a particular cover, therefore these furniture-like items vary in price from a few tens of pounds to several hundreds. Quality radiator covers are made of strong, durable wood, but they’re still not recommended for moist environments such as the bathroom. For the latter, medium density fibreboard or MDF is a more appropriate material because MDF is made of wood waste fibres, a material that does not suffer any kind of physical transformations as plain wood does.

A radiator cover can have various finishes, made of vinyl and other materials to give it a shinier look, or a completely different one than the aspect presented by wood. Besides the ornamental feature of a radiator cover, this item has other advantages as well, including that of protecting people and pets from getting burned by the hot iron frame of the radiator. Children should especially be a reason for precaution since toddlers, curious as they are, could want to touch the radiator, while older children can accidently come in contact with it whilst playing or running around. The protective benefit of a radiator cover will decrease the risks of fire hazards, for combustible materials such as drapes or curtains can easily flame up, ending in burning the whole house down.

Purchasing a radiator cover will improve the efficiency of your house’s central heating since the front grill of the cover pushes the heat onwards instead of letting it rise up towards the ceiling or getting thrown at the window, literally, in case the radiator is placed under it. This will prevent you from wasting good money on high energy bills and will keep the entire house nice and cosy during colder seasons.