Radiator Covers

Radiator Covers UK

Introduction to Radiator Covers in the UK

Living in a country like the UK, you know how cold it can get sometimes, and you would do well to get radiators fitted in your home to keep the interiors warm and manageable.  


Steam radiators present an ungainly sight when they become old and also take up huge space in the interiors which can be an irritation. To disguise these monsters, you can make use of radiator covers that will increase the appeal of the interiors and also add to the efficiency of heating of your radiators.

Radiator covers

Radiator covers are installed to cover entire radiators so that they are hidden and your guests get to see a beautiful cabinet instead. These covers also add to the safety aspect, as there are no more mishaps associated with radiator pipes. Often kids and pets get injured when they touch the hot pipes of radiators; but when you install a radiator cover in the UK, you can breathe a sigh of relief as there are no more such accidents.  

Choice of Stylish Covers

The unfinished look of the radiator pipes is what the concern of many home owners is. But with the availability of many stylish radiator covers, you can even make your radiators a piece of home décor. Uncovered radiators often spoil the looks of your interiors but when you make use of radiator covers, you actually add to the décor of your home which is an advantage in itself, and definitely worth the money.

Added Space

When it comes to functionality, radiator covers not only improve the heating efficiency of your radiators, they actually provide you with some much needed space in the interiors in the form of drawers and a top shelf that you can use to keep decorative items. This further makes these radiator covers more attractive. You can keep artwork, photo frames, flower vases or anything that you feel will add to the décor of the room.

Increased Safety

With covers on, not only are small kids and pets safer from very hot radiator pipes, even the radiator itself gets protected in a better way from any accident. To protect any toddlers that may be there in your home, make sure that the covers you use completely cover the radiator.

Heat Efficiency

Carefully chosen radiator covers can actually lead to better heating efficiency. Being covered at the top, all the hot air is pushed directly to the living area through the grills, making the living area hotter much more quickly. When the radiator is uncovered, hot air travels upwards which is a waste as it strikes the ceiling.

Radiator Cover Design

When choosing a radiator cover, make sure that you can take it off easily whenever you need to clean up your radiator for the purpose of maintenance. Alternatively, it is always better to choose a design that has a cover that opens out like a door. Check that the grills have enough spacing to be cleaned up with a piece of cloth occasionally.