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Small Radiator Covers

Introduction to Small Radiator Covers

Radiator covers are clearly the best way of enhancing the visual appeal of radiators given the fact that these heating units can disrupt the visual harmony of a room.


Old radiators are not suitable for modern houses, not to mention how unattractive they look in a freshly painted and decorated home. Dark coloured, stained or chipped radiators are ought to be replaced, yet in many cases this thing is not always achievable or easy to comply to, therefore the only valid solution lies in the installation of radiator covers.

Radiator covers come in many shapes and sizes, but in the case of constrained living areas, homeowners start looking for small radiator covers to fit in any corner of the house, beneath windows or somewhere along the corridor etc.

Radiator covers

Features of Small Radiator Covers

Small radiator covers present the same features and benefits associated with larger covers, the only different residing in the amount of millimetres of the height, width and depth of the radiator cover. Traditional or elegant, useful and superbly finished, small radiator covers make an exquisite addition to any household. Adding to the renowned aesthetical advantages of using them, small radiator covers can be fitted anywhere, lowering the costs of energy bills by directing the radiating heat more efficiently, decreasing the risks of wasting it and forcing homeowners to set the radiator to give higher levels of heat.

Although small-sized, these radiator covers can still provide enough space to place ornamental items on top of them, making them as appealing and as practical as any other furniture item. Small radiator covers vary in size as well, from mini to larger sizes, but still being suitable for placing just about anywhere you’d like, including bathrooms and hallways. An example of a small-sized radiator cover could have the following measures: 850cm x 1200cm x 250cm.

As already mentioned, there are many designs associated with small radiator covers. The sophistication of even the most simple styles go up until the most striking contemporary designs make radiator covers idea to suit any kind of room, including living rooms, teenage and children bedrooms, nurseries or bathrooms. The style of each small radiator cover is not limited to the case itself, the grills inserted into the front panel offer all kinds of decorative options as well, from flowery patterns to geometrical playfulness or simple, clear lines.

Small radiator covers are mostly made of wood and various wood compounds such as MDF, covered with various woods or plastic finishes in order to provide the diversity much demanded by different customers. Most radiator covers can be easily painted or customised to meet any kind of requirements including rounded corners, a feature which is most appreciated by homeowners with small children that can easily get harmed when coming in contact with sharp edges.

Buying Small Radiator Covers

Being small does not necessarily mean they’re hard to find, therefore a simple search on Google or any other search engine will provide an ample listing of various companies that sell small-sized or mini radiator covers.