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White Radiator Covers

Introduction to White Radiator Covers

When it comes to home styling, people often have problems when they need to buy some new things for their home because the new things have to be incorporated into the overall look of the rooms.


Although this might sound like an easy enough thing to do, in most cases it is everything but easy. For example, when buying new furniture people have to take into consideration the style and the colour of the furniture they already have in order for the new furniture to look nice in their homes. Fortunately, when it comes to radiator covers there are so many different options to choose from that people will have no problem at all trying to add a new radiator cover to their homes.

Radiator covers

When it comes to colours of radiator covers, the two colours that are most popular are white and black. This is the case because these two colours are easy to incorporate into the style of any home, as white and black go with everything. White radiator covers are known to be the most popular colour that people choose due to their clean look and their effortless sophistication. There are also almost unlimited possibilities if people want to buy a white radiator cover when it comes to styles and shapes of radiator covers.

Companies in the UK That Sell White Radiator Covers

It is safe to say that no matter company people go for, white radiator covers will always be the first thing that is offered to them. Here is a list of companies in the UK that provide people with white radiator covers:

  • Kingston Cabinets – a company that provides people with some of the most beautiful radiator covers and high quality services of designing, planning and fitting of radiator covers all over the UK. They offer four styles of radiator covers: Manhattan, Stockholm, New England and Belgravia, and the first three are white radiator covers. Unfortunately, they do not state the prices of radiator covers on their web site, but they offer people the chance to order a free brochure of their products or to arrange a free design and planning consultation at their home.

  • The Radiator Cabinet Company – located in Manchester, this company has more than 10 years of experience in providing their loyal customers with great radiator cover solutions. They manufacture and supply highest quality radiator covers in a number of different styles and colours, providing people with a radiator cover no matter what their taste might be. When it comes to white radiator covers, they offer many different designs and shapes. The prices start at £80, but in order to get a quote people will need to contact the company.


Owing to the fact that white radiator covers are the most popular radiator covers and that all of the companies in the UK offer white radiator covers to their customers, people will have no problems finding a white radiator cover that is perfect for their home.